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  • Men's suicide rates are “three to four times higher than women” and “during relationship separation male suicide rates increase to 12 times the female rate”.
  • Men are usually less socially connected than women – “over one in three men (37%) are not satisfied with the quality of their relationships, typically they do not feel emotionally connected or supported”.
  • Men often struggle with knowing how they should behave and rather than being “real” they can put up a facade based on how they want others to see them.
  • “Conformity to traditional masculine norms, and in particular the norm of self-reliance, has been shown to be associated with suicidal thinking. It has also been found to be related to poor mental health and other outcomes that may be precursors to suicidality, including alcohol and substance use, and reduced and delayed help-seeking”.
  • “Australian men are arguably socialised in ways that reinforce norms of stoicism, independence, invulnerability and avoidance of negative emotions.”


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Mentoring Impacts

·        The impact of having someone who will really listen, without judgement is powerful. We believe everyone would benefit from having a mentor.

·        Similar mentoring programs show great outcomes:

·         Over 90% of mentees enjoy the mentoring program

·         Over 80% of mentees say they feel better about themselves

·         Over 90% of mentors say they would recommend becoming a mentor”



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Become a mentee

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Become a mentor

Click on the link to apply to be an MM mentor Mentor Application Form

An article in the Australian Men's Health Forum about Mentoring Men that gives the background as to why we believe this is such an important initiative for Australian men and how our MM program works.