The overall process

·        Prospective mentees are invited to register for our mentoring program through self-referral using the online Mentee Application Form or through referring agencies. The Responses to Mentee FAQs shows the type of mentees best suited to the MM program.

·        Prospective mentors apply using the Mentor Application Form and then attend our mentor training course. The Mentor Position Description shows the selection criteria and responsibilities of MM mentors. All mentors must submit a Working with Children check, a National Crime Check as well as character references. The Responses to Mentor FAQs shows the type of mentors best suited to the MM program.

·        Validated mentors and mentees are then matched, a mentoring relationship agreement is signed and the mentoring starts.

·        A Program Coordinator and a mental health professional provide ongoing support to the mentor.

The Mentoring Men Flyer provides more information about the MM program.

"Bill" (not his real name) speaks openly about his experience with being a mentee and then later on moving on to become a mentor. Here is his story: Bill's Story