25toZERO — Charity Partner

25toZERO — Charity Partner

25twoZERO selects Mentoring Men to cut male suicide.

The 25twoZERO campaign goal is to reduce male suicide in Australia through engaging men in a highly effective mentoring program by Mentoring Men. Their free one-to-one preventative mentoring helps stop men from spiraling into crisis and suicide through non-judgmental and caring conversations over several months.

Suicides impact families, parents, children, sisters, brothers, friends, colleagues, communities and societies. Together we can reduce suicide rates of men in Australia. Will you be part of the change?

With physical activity being a proven method to reduce anxiety and promote wellbeing, individuals and teams who signup to Suicide to Zero can walk, run, cycle, swim, do sit-ups or do any form of exercise to raise funds to support the mentoring program.

Get involved! Sign up and reduce male suicide together 25twoZERO website.