About Us

Mentee or Mentor - What’s the Difference?

Mentee is a man who seeks to improve their life with support from their mentor.
Mentor is a man who volunteers their time to meet, listen and help a mentee in his life journey.

Our mission is “Supporting men in their life journey”.

Mentoring Men is a registered Australian charity providing free life mentoring programs for adult men in the community. All men regardless of their background or beliefs are welcome to engage in our program.

All our mentors are volunteers and they bring different skills and knowledge to positively impact the wellbeing of Australian men. 

Mentoring Men’s Purpose

Mentoring Men is established to help adult men experiencing distress or a sense of helplessness by providing free one on one “life” mentoring and thereby enable them to adjust and transition to a better and normal quality of life.

Benefits of our mentoring program include:

  • overcoming loneliness and isolation;
  • finding hope for the future;
  • finding meaning to life and purpose;
  • gaining ability to cope with distress caused by relationship and other life challenges;
  • creating new relationships;
  • acting on mental health issues;
  • improving confidence and self-esteem;
  • feeling connected with others;
  • gaining ability to move forward in areas where men may feel stuck.

Our Activities

In addition to our core activity of establishing and supporting one on one “life” mentoring relationships we also host other activities aimed at encouraging social connections between men, including:

  • men’s walk and talk events;
  • men’s breakfasts;
  • men’s forums;
  • webinars;
  • other social events.

Our Partners

Mentoring Men is keen to engage partners who share our vision of “supporting men in their life journey”.

Privacy Policy

Mentoring Men is committed to protecting your privacy as per our Privacy Policy. All information provided to us will remain confidential and protected. We will never rent or sell your email address or personal information to others.

    Corporate Governance

    Mentoring Men is an Australian Not for Profit organisation – ABN 43 628 604 973. Mentoring Men is accountable to its donors and subject to a Constitution. It is governed by a volunteer board of community leaders representing a cross section of society. Mentoring Men is registered on the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission at www.acnc.gov.au by using our ACN 628 604 973.