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About Mentoring Men

Our mission is to support men in their life journey so that no man walks alone

Mentoring Men is a registered Australian charity providing free long-term one-to-one life mentoring for men who are going through some challenges or changes in their life. We focus on a proactive approach, engaging with men who need help before they spiral into crisis.

Sometimes just having someone listen, without judgement or agenda, can be the difference between life and death. Our volunteer Mentors provide vital support for men which in turn creates stronger, healthier families and communities.

Why only MEN? In short, men represent 75% of all suicides in Australia and yet most suicide prevention support services are more effective at reaching women not men.

Mentoring Men provides a support that is accessible to every man in Australia. So let’s support men in their life journey.

Our activities

In addition to our core activity of one-to-one life mentoring, we also host other activities aimed at encouraging social connections between men.

These include men’s walk and talk events, men’s breakfasts, men’s forums, webinars and other social events.