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Become a Mentor

Do you want to have a positive impact on someone’s life?

Every man needs a listening ear from time to time. Our volunteer Mentors are ordinary blokes with big hearts who are there to listen, support and encourage their Mentee in their life journey.

Becoming a volunteer Mentor to help another bloke in his life journey can have a profoundly positive impact not only for the guy you are supporting but for you aswell.

Our volunteer Mentors come from all walks of life; storemen, managers, bankers, drivers, retirees, tradies, students, between jobs – you name it. And their mentoring has helped to turn lives around for the better.

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All Mentors attend specialised training courses.

To become a Mentor, you will need to attend an online Mentor Training course which includes suicide prevention training. We also recommend that you complete a Wesley LifeForce Suicide Prevention course.

Mentors receive ongoing support and oversight from a Program Coordinator and a mental health professional.

“Being a Mentor has helped my relationships at home. I’ve stopped trying to fix everyone and now ask a lot of questions instead.”

Mentoring Men


A man who seeks to improve their life with support from their Mentor.


A man who volunteers his time to meet, listen and help a Mentee in his life journey.

We Are Men.

Local heroes, community leaders, the mate that lives across the road. In a bid to tackle male suicide and the stigma surrounding men’s mental health, We Are Men is a community of real men talking about their real struggles. These men are opening up and discussing their mental health so other blokes can too, without the fear of shame or exclusion.

It can be hard to ask for help but no man needs to struggle alone. Through our video stories, podcast, app and highlighting of local services, we hope to encourage all men to chat about what they’re going through and seek help. 

For Mentors, the following benefits have been recorded:

  • knowing their time and contributions are helping someone in need,
  • making a difference and addressing key issues in society,
  • providing a strong sense of fulfilment and purpose.

“As a Mentor, being part of my Mentees’ healing, self-discovery and growth have been deeply humbling and highly rewarding.”

Mentoring Men