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Give Us a Hand

Help Needed: Volunteer for One of Our Upcoming Events

Become a Volunteer

At Mentoring Men, we often need volunteer crews to help spread the word about Mentoring Men, run fundraising BBQs, or act as track marshals at larger sporting events.

We invite you to stand with us and lend a hand whenever you can. It’s not only a great opportunity to catch up with other supporters of the organisation, but also a chance to give back and support our mission.

Come join us and have some fun! All genders are welcome – bring your partner, friends, or a trusted buddy (minimum age 18).

Please register your contact details below, and we’ll reach out when there’s an event in your area. Join the crew and have fun while supporting a great cause!

“As a Mentor, being part of my Mentees’ healing, self-discovery and growth have been deeply humbling and rewarding.”

Mentoring Men