Kerrie Atherton

Kerrie Atherton is the Founder of Stories of HOPE Australia/Worldwide and EMPOWER Life Solutions. As a Keynote Speaker, Author, and Trauma and Addictions Recovery Counsellor, she has dedicated over 30 years to supporting those struggling with trauma. Clean and sober for 42 years, Kerrie’s journey began with a 12-step program at 18. Moving to the Sunshine Coast, she implemented mentoring programs for students and founded “Streetlight” to support the homeless.

Through “Stories of HOPE Australia,” she hosts monthly events and has published three books. During COVID-19, she participated in Movember’s “Men In Mind” training to better support men with depression. An Ambassador for FEARLESS, Kerrie promotes mental health and suicide prevention, equipping individuals with skills to help those in crisis. Her mission is to bring hope and connection to people in challenging times.