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Simon brings a broad range of management experience over 20 years in the Not-for-profit sector in the UK and Australia. He has a bachelor’s degree in Behavioural Psychology. Simon will expand the organisation through professional operational principles with the best Mentor and Mentee experience at the core.

For Simon having a Mentor is an essential for anyone, not just people doing it tough, as being able to share thoughts, ideas and concerns can relieve the pressures of life before they become unmanageable. This is the reason why Mentoring Men resonates greatly and why he is passionate in the success of the organisation.

When not working Simon loves all sports and can been caught on the weekends with a cup of coffee in one hand, one of his young kids in another and whatever sport is on the TV before spending time in the garden.

He feels he can only do what he does because of the support of his family and partner and is incredibly grateful for what they provide him.