Return and Earn

Return and Earn


Support Mentoring Men through Return and Earn!

Return and Earn makes it convenient and easy for you to support Mentoring Men – all while keeping the environment clean and recycling bottles and cans!


You can select to donate your 10c refund to Mentoring Men on the app from any machines or automated depot (using Tag and Drop) in NSW. Simply:

  1. Open your Return and Earn app AND search for Mentoring Men under the “CHARITIES” menu
  2. Press on its tile, scroll down and select ‘Set as payout’
  3. Scan your app at your local Return and Earn machine or automated depot (using Tag and Drop)
  4. Return your containers and press “TRANSFER” on the machine screen or follow the steps on the Tag and Drop screen at an automated depot.
    100% of the refund will be donated to Mentoring Men!