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Seek a Mentor

It’s no secret that many men are not great with opening up to discuss their life issues.

Many of us experience tough times, some life challenges, low self-esteem, or generally are just looking for a bit of extra support and someone to chat to.

Mentoring Men’s free one-to-one life mentoring program provides clear benefits for men and their partners, children, communities and workplaces.

Every man can benefit from having a life Mentor, a bloke who will be there to listen and support them in their life journey.

Our Mentees come from all walks of life; storemen, managers, bankers, drivers, retirees, tradies, students, between jobs – you name it. Being mentored has helped to turn lives around for the better.

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“I have to say a big thank you to my Mentor Frank who has helped wake me up to taking responsibility for my future. Mentoring Men rocks!”

Mentoring Men

Mentoring experiences


A man who seeks to improve their life with support from their Mentor.


A man who volunteers his time to meet, listen and help a Mentee in his life journey.

Carl Mason

Carl Mason is the co-founder of Docobites and Onlyhuman. He is also a Mentor at Mentoring Men.

The Mentor will:

  • listen and support,
  • help with goal setting,
  • help with relationship challenges,
  • help take action on mental health issues (or refer as appropriate),
  • help improve confidence and self-esteem,
  • help increase your capacity to move forward in areas where you may be stuck.

The Mentee sees these results:

  • increased resilience, emotional awareness and communication,
  • renewed sense of purpose,
  • reduced isolation,
  • improved relationships (family/parenting),
  • encourage integration (Diversity and Inclusion),
  • higher levels of service and contribution to the community.

“It’s changed my perspective – I am enough.

Mentoring Men