Step up & Stamp out suicide

Step up & Stamp out suicide

Thank you to everyone who helped 25twoZERO to Step up & Stamp out suicide on September 10th.

94 legends walked as a community and raised $20,855.90.

September 10th was World Suicide Prevention Day and it was also 25twoZERO’s very first Step up & Stamp out suicide campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to get as many people around the country walking for the 2500 men we lost in 2019. There were no step goals, hours walked goals, or fancy challenges, they just asked people to sign up, create a profile, share it with friends, family, co-workers, and walk! And that they did. 94 legends across multiple states stepped up and helped us stamp out suicide. Some people walked for a few hours before and after work and some crazy folks walked for 12 plus hours.

The day was an absolute overwhelming success. It resonated with this nation.

Together they raised a massive $20,855.90. Just WOW!

The funds raised will help us at Mentoring Men to continue to train Mentors around Australia to support men in their life journey.

Let’s keep stepping up and making a change. The only way we end suicide is by preventing it together.

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