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Our Modern Manager Life Mentor Training enables managers and leaders to develop core communication skills that create connections with their team and develop ways to facilitate conversations to support both personal and work-based issues.

While using the techniques and skills learned through our NFP mentor program, leaders will become more confident in their own ability to support their team, while creating more supportive environments to allow for improved productivity and creative thinking.

Delivered in person or online, this training program includes the following key components:

Level up your listening

Be aware of your default listening habits and learn the benefits of adopting higher-level listening skills to be truly present during your conversations.

The direction of questions

Good listening follows great questions. Understand the different types of question structures and the discipline of silence.

G.R.A.C.E mindset

This failsafe 5 step model keeps a manager on track to create a safe space for a supportive discussion.

Self care

Essential for any leader or emerging manager to master. We discuss the importance of leading by example and encouraging others to develop our personal wellbeing.

Mentoring Men are also able to tailor a training design specifically to the requirements for your organisation. We look forward to discussing how we can help activate a positive mentoring culture for your teams.