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Get a Mentor

Luke Skywalker had Yoda & Harry Potter had Dumbledore – mentors that helped them overcome challenges and obstacles so they could flourish and get to where they wanted to be in their lives.

Now you might not need to destroy a Death Star or overcome an evil nemesis like Voldemort, but 1 in every 2 Australian men will experience tough mental health times in their life, and need a bit of extra support and advice.

At Mentoring Men, we offer FREE one-to-one mentoring support. Someone’s who is there to listen without judgement, in total confidentiality and for the long haul… not just a couple of weeks.

Our Mentors come from all walks of life; storemen, managers, bankers, drivers, retirees, tradies, students, between jobs – you name it. So we’re sure there’s one that’s going to be perfect for you.

“It’s changed my perspective. I am enough.

Mentoring Men