Do I need to do a Police Check?

As part of being a Mentor with us you will be required to complete a Criminal Reference Check. Having a record may not affect your ability to become a Mentor and we encourage you to have a chat with us.

How do I sign up?

To enrol in the Mentoring Men program you will need to complete the Mentee Enquiry Form

What attitude should Mentoring Men Mentees have when they start the program?

It is important that mentees who engage in the Mentoring Men program commit themselves to the program. This includes a willingness to meet the requirements of the mentoring relationship agreement, having a genuine desire to set and achieve their goals and having an open mind to consider changing their thinking and behaviour.

What sort of men are accepted into the Mentoring Men program?

All men 18 or over regardless of their background or beliefs are welcome to apply for the Mentoring Men program.

Please note that while all our Mentoring Men Mentors are trained and dedicated volunteers, in some cases men applying for our program may need professional support and will be referred to other agencies.

What training have Mentors completed?

All Mentoring Men Mentors have successfully completed a Mentor Training Workshop.

How do Mentors and Mentees communicate with each other?

It is normal for a Mentor and Mentee to exchange personal mobile numbers and/or email addresses. It needs to be understood that the purpose of exchanging this information is to organise and confirm mentoring catch-ups rather than as a medium for continual incidental communication in-between meetings or after the Mentor relationship has ceased.

Can a Mentee and Mentor connect over social media?

It is strongly recommended that initially only mobile numbers and/or email addresses are exchanged and that mentoring sessions are held in public places. In the longer term, if there is mutual agreement then further information like Facebook may be exchanged but caution should be taken.

Can I invite my Mentor to meet some of my friends or family or to my home?

Generally, Mentees should not invite Mentors to meet friends and/or family or to their home without first checking with their Mentoring Men coordinator.

Can I attend social events when invited by my Mentor?

Attendance at social events would first need to be discussed with your Mentoring Men coordinator to explore whether attendance sits comfortably within the mentoring role.

Are Mentees allowed to offer transport to mentors?

Mentees should not offer transportation to Mentors, nor should Mentors accept offers of transport by Mentees.

When does the Mentoring Relationship end?

The mentoring relationship should run for at least the agreed term (6 months) unless:

  • the Mentee decides that they have achieved their goals from the relationship, or
  • the Mentor, in consultation with their Mentoring Men Coordinator, believes the relationship is no longer achieving worthwhile goals.
What can I expect from my Mentor?

You can expect your Mentor to:

  • listen and be supportive;
  • provide non-judgemental support;
  • provide guidance on issues raised;
  • help you to clarify your goals;
  • pass on his knowledge and experience; and
  • at times, make suggestions to challenge you to help you be the best you can be.

It’s important that you understand that mentoring is a two way mutually beneficial relationship. You will be expected to participate fully rather than to merely receive wisdom from the Mentor.

What if I experience problems with my Mentor?

Effective mentoring relationships require both the Mentor and Mentee to sometimes move out of their comfort zones. If you experience relationship problems with your Mentor that you feel unable to work through or the problems are of a personal or sensitive nature, you may choose to contact your Mentoring Men co-ordinator to discuss options.

Can the mentoring be conducted over the phone?

Studies have shown that the best outcome for a mentoring relationship is meeting in person but if it is too difficult for Mentors and Mentees to meet face to face then telephone or video conferencing can be used.

How are Mentors and Mentees matched?

To match Mentors with Mentees the Mentoring Men co-ordinator will consider various aspects including:

  • Availability
  • Geographic location
  • Hobbies/interests
  • Mentee goals
  • Language/culture
  • Personality type; and
  • The type of Mentor requested by the Mentee.
How long will it be after I sign up that I will have a Mentor?

We are aiming to complete the process within 4 weeks, but it depends on whether there is a suitable match for you on our Mentor Register.

Other than the mentoring relationship is there any other support available?

In addition to regular meetings with your Mentor, additional support is available on request including referrals to other organisations and access to support information.

Is mentoring beneficial in every situation?

In some situations mentoring may not be able to meet the needs of an individual and in these cases Mentoring Men will recommend other resources including referrals.

What other activities are available as part of the Mentoring Men program?

In addition to the one on one mentoring, Mentoring Men also arrange other activities which are available to all men who are engaged in the program. These include regular Men’s Walk & Talk events and monthly Men’s Forums. Details of these activities are shown under the News & Events page of our website.