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Become a Mentor


Become a Mentor

Luke Skywalker had Yoda & Harry Potter had Dumbledore – mentors whose knowledge and experience was invaluable in helping them overcome challenges and obstacles, and get them to where they wanted to be in their lives.

Now you probably don’t know any magic spells or how to use The Force but the knowledge and experience you do have (and I bet you take for granted!) is sure to be incredibly valuable to some of the 100,000 men in Australia who are struggling in their lives.

Our Mentors come from all walks of life; storemen, managers, bankers, drivers, retirees, tradies, students, between jobs – you name it. And thanks to their mentoring, they have helped to turn the lives of other men around for the better.

And becoming a volunteer Mentor can have a profoundly positive impact not just on the man you are supporting but also on you.

“As a Mentor, being part of my Mentees’ healing, self-discovery and growth have been deeply humbling and rewarding.”

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