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Facebook LIVE with John

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Topic: Whose Fault is it anyway?

A discussion on the Law of Cause and Effect.

When something is wrong or goes against us, we seem to be keen on making sure the person responsible knows about it quick smart.  Oh, and those at fault (Govt, family, friends, others) will need to make things right asap or I will be getting louder – Does that sounds familiar?

October is Mental Health Awareness Month and has a theme of “Tune In”, in other words being present to yourself and the world around you right now! So this is a great time to look at how making space for the present will need us to own our responses to the past.  Let’s explore together how while it may not often be our fault, it is always our responsibility to move, how accepting ownership is not being an extra in your own biopic, it is being the director. We will talk about how acceptance, surrender, and adaptable are superpowers and that life is turbo-boosted when we give up making excuses and looking for someone to blame!

We look forward to you joining the conversation!

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