LIVE Guided Meditation

LIVE Guided Meditation

Join us LIVE for a Virtual Guided Meditation.

Setting Intention for the Week ahead.

How was your weekend? Do you feel rested or do you feel rushed?

The reality is that the past is the past. We begin when we are ready, wherever we are, in our lives and work, in the here and now. Experienced practitioners of mindfulness and reflective practice remind us that it is never too late to establish this perspective in our lives and work.

Come along with your curious mindset to set an intention for today and for the week; an intention that is realistic and meaningful to our own authentic value system.

Remember it is never too late to begin with intentions and mindfulness. Our mentors have made us realise that the very moment we make the conscious, intentional choice and commitment to do so becomes the perfect moment to begin.

So come along to a guided meditation practice where we will aim to create some space for compassion, kindness and equanimity for self and others. It will be a 30 min reflective discussion incl 10 minutes mindfulness practice.

Facebook and Instagram LIVE: Monday, October 11th at 8am.


About your Facilitator

Vinay is a Mentor with Mentoring Men and a Mental Health Facilitator and an Irregular Meditator who is eager to connect with others beyond the ego but placing trust in the ability of each of us to access the healer within without bias or fear.