Facebook LIVE with John

Facebook LIVE with John

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Topic: Giving is the new greedy!

In this session, we explore how you can become a better bloke, having substance, power, and showing leadership by harnessing the generosity, compassion, and care, every bloke has available to him when he unlocks it through a commitment to GIVING.

Giving is something that most blokes do under obligation for show or as an extra responsibility, something that is attached to a role they are playing. It is often just being seen as doing the right thing. When we look closely, what if giving was really the way to unlocking a bloke’s superpowers. A way to increase everything from life expectancy to career success and satisfaction. What if Giving can actually turn out to be a part of what it takes to be a better bloke in every area of life and that by embracing some basic changes to give intentionally, you will supercharge your life and the lives around you…….so how about it, give me some time?

We look forward to you joining the conversation!

Join us LIVE on Mentoring Men’s Facebook or Instagram page, Wednesday, November 17th at midday AEDT.