Melbourne Walk n Talk

Melbourne Walk n Talk

Join us for a walk, talk plus a FREE coffee

Getting outdoors for a walk is an instant and easy way to lift your mood!

Walking is great not just for us physically but mentally as well. Being active lowers stress levels, helps you sleep better, and works to raise your self-esteem. Plus walking with others makes it more fun and it’ll give us all the opportunity to make new friends or build up on friendships we already have.

The great news, walking is free and you’ll get a bonus drink. Everyone is welcome, grab your comfy shoes and walk, talk and drink with us.

When : Friday 20th May at 6:45am to 7:45am

Where : Princess Park, Corner of Royal Parade & Park St (Near the big water fountain), Carlton North

If you have any questions drop us at line on 1300 583 925 or email