Mentor Training in collaboration with Tranby’s Burawa Program

Mentor Training in collaboration with Tranby’s Burawa Program

Do you want to help a fellow brother?

Become a volunteer Mentor with us.

This program is Mentoring Men’s first Indigenous mentoring program in collaboration with Burawa and Tranby which has been developed by and for Indigenous men. Burawa Indigenious Careers Centre who are powered by Tranby Adult Education are pleased to support this valuable program by reviewing the course work and offering guidance for its cultural strength.

About the training course:

Our Aboriginal-led Mentor Training is all about men helping each other in the community. The training will:

  • Equip and motivate you through sharing skills, stories and knowledge to create real change
  • Enable you to have conversations to strengthen relationships with everyone you meet by learning to listen
  • Clarify your lived experience and how you can use it in a positive way to pass on to other men through one-to-one life mentoring

**Please register for the training as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!**

When: The FREE training will take place over 1.5 days on Friday 12th August and Friday 19th August.

Where: Tranby’s Campus 13 Mansfield Street, Glebe, Gadigal Country, NSW 2037

For more details or to book your free spot text ‘enrol me’ to 0493 218 135 or click here