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What people are saying about the program

“It was heartbreaking for our family, watching Graham, my husband, the kids’ father slowly become a shell of his former self.

He had begun to isolate himself socially, and his friends and family no longer knew how to relate to him. He was constantly tired, angry and confused. Our world was shrinking.

Since joining Mentoring Men, we have seen him grow back into himself. He now has regular contact with a mentor who provides non-judgemental support. He really listens and cares. Graham is returning to us and our lives are richer for it. The kids are getting their father back and I have my husband again.”

“Stephen and I are getting along well, he’s turned out to be a very good mentor and I’m aiming for electronics and communications.

I’ve applied for a traineeship with Honeywell and I’m also looking at TAFE courses next week.”

“There is incredible power in being able to make yourself vulnerable, share your inner feelings and know that the other person is actively listening and not judging.”

“My two sessions with John have been valuable – I have been surprised by the sense of ‘well-being’ that seems to accompany the kind of conversation that mentoring provides.”

Mentor Training Feedback

“A positive space was created throughout the training – it was a great experience as a result.

Mentor Training Feedback

“I am excited about mentoring now after having had the training.”

Mentor Training Feedback

“Very well run course, good insight and run with great passion.”

“I can see the obvious impact the mentoring is having on my mentee.”

Anthony, 21

Hornsby Mentor

“I always knew when GB has been with his mentor because he comes home in a positive and happy frame of mind.”

Mentee's wife

Mt. Colah