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Ways you can help

At Mentoring Men, we understand the importance of supporting men to overcome challenges and live their best lives. Our organisation has been dedicated to providing impactful mentoring and activities encouraging social connections between men for 5 years. We believe that every man deserves the opportunity get support when they are experiencing tough times, life challenges, low self-esteem, looking for a bit of extra support and someone to chat to.

However, we cannot achieve this alone! We need your help to provide ongoing support that is accessible to every man in Australia.

We invite you to join us in supporting men in their life journey.

Explore some of the ways you can create positive change, and build communities where no man walks alone.

Donate Today

Our one-to one life mentoring program is free and we need your help to ensure we can continue to support more men across all communities in Australia.

Become a Regular Giver

A monthly donation will provide ongoing support of our services and programs for men facing tough times and challenges.

Fundraise for us

You can support men in their life journey by creating your very own fundraiser. Explore our exciting fundraising ideas to kickstart your fundraising today!

Become a Corporate Partner

There are many ways your business can get involved and contribute to Mentoring Men’s vision to support men in their life journey.

Leave a gift in your will

By leaving a gift in your will to Mentoring Men, you can make a profound difference in helping to build communities where no man walks alone.

Events and Challenges

Participate in one of our events, or challenge yourself to walk, run, swim or cycle to support men in their life journey.

Get in Touch!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our fundraising team on 1300 583 925 or email info@mentoringmen.org.au.